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Tai Chi

I've studied Tai Chi and Chinese martial arts since 1983 and I began teaching in 2004.  I currently teach in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.  I have taught all ages from 6 up but my particular interest is in how Tai Chi can benefit our health and well-being as we grow older.

Tai Chi for Seniors

Rooted in Tai Chi, these exercises can be practised sitting in a chair or standing.  The focus on posture and alignment will help maintain balance and co-ordination.  These slow, gentle movements can be practised by everyone.  Safety and fun are key elements of every class.



Tai Chi Classes


Taijiwuxingong is a self-healing (Qi Gong) exercise system developed by Dr Shen Hongxun.  These simple exercises energise the body and clear knots and locks.  With regular practice you feel quieter, calmer and more free in the body, mind and spirit.



The art of learning how to stop.  The hardest art of them all - and yet the simplest. I teach the basics: bringing awareness to your body, then your breath and then discovering where your thoughts start.  

Classes for all occasions

Do you and your colleagues suffer from pain in the back, neck, wrist..... would you like a regular exercise class in the workplace? Running a day workshop....want something different to break up the day, freshen the mind.... I've provided Tai Chi sessions for these organisations.

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