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Once again all the plans and preparations for 'live' Tai Chi have been cancelled.  Apologies.  From January 2021 all teaching will be via Zoom.  Please see below for what is on offer.  Hopefully normal service will resume as soon as possible.  


Tuesday 11-12am - Qigong Class on Zoom

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OR Meeting ID: 889 1372 6070

Passcode: 523330

Ongoing.  Cost £5


Wednesday 9.30-10.30  Beginners Tai Chi 13 on Zoom.

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OR Meeting ID: 850 1488 1260

Passcode: 879504

Ongoing.  Cost £5


Wednesday 11-12am - Intermediate Tai Chi13 on Zoom

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OR Meeting ID: 828 3085 7641

Passcode: 019315

Ongoing. Cost £5


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Tai Chi & Qigong classes in Bristol

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Tai Chi in the park, in the rain

(August 2020)

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